How I Would Remodel My Living Room

Country Livingroom

I've recently discovered the online interior design brand Laurel & Wolf and was inspired to think about how I would remodel the most popular space in every living room. Especially during the spring months people think about change....including me! Even before she contacted me I was planning on a few changes in our home. If you follow … [Read more...]

Easy Ways to Deal With the Mess in Your Bag

Easy Ways to Deal with the Mess in Your Bag

 Today we are having a guest post from Kiera about keeping your purse organized. I have been organizing many areas in my home lately...guess I should be tackeling my purse next! So while I do that you can read her awesome ideas.   Handbags should be properly organized and functional so that all items in them are easily accessible. If … [Read more...]

10 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts for Every Mom

10 mother's day gift ideas for every mom

Mother's Day is going to be here in a week... and here are a few fun DIY gifts for your mom. Aren't homemade usable gifts so much more fun!? 1. Embroidery Hoop Storage I am pretty sure my mother in-law would enjoy this gift because she does quilting for a living. I love how cute it looks....and you can actually use it! 2. Easy Heating … [Read more...]

Dog Toilet Paper Tube Craft


In the second grade we have started talking about "pets" in science. The first one being a very popular pet...dogs. Actually cats are the most held pet here in Germany...but I still think dogs are more popular. But that might be because I am a dog person. What are you? A cat or a dog person? Anyway...back to this craft. So I wanted to make … [Read more...]

DIY Jewelry Cleaner

diy jewelry

After wearing my rings 1.5 & doing crafts my ring was starting to show it. The dirt built up under the dimond was especially nasty. So I grabbed a few kitchen items, boiled some water and my rings were as good as new! Here is the yucky before. It's kind of hard to really get a sharp clean picture aaaand show … [Read more...]

Bullet Journal || 2

Bullet Journal monthly layout

It's been 3 months since I last told you about my plans to start Bullet Journaling. It has been a helpful and fun experience and oh so helpful being more organized! Here are the last few months: January:   This is how my layout ended up in January....and this is my favorite week! I really love this setup and have stuck with it pretty … [Read more...]

How to Make an Easter Garden

how to make an easter garden

Seems like I was seeing all these videos on how to make a fairy garden...which is beyond adorable. Even though I am not a huge fan of fairys I do love cute little things. With Easter around the corner I changed the fairy garden idea to an Easter Garden. I did a simpler mini version as a teen and loved it....this time I was adding live plants and it … [Read more...]

Valentines Mantle 2016


Who else is looking forward to Valentine's Day? I decided to decorate my mantle for February to match the Valentine's Day Holiday...and I love how simple this was to do...   The "LOVE" frame you might recognize from last year....I just stole it off my night stand to put up for my valentine's mantle. The candle jar you might recognize … [Read more...]

DIY Valentine Candle Jar Tutorial

DIY Valentine Candle Jar Tutorial// Simple Valentine Decorationr // Valentine Gift Idea

Valetines will be here before we know it! And I love doing something special on that day. who doesn't take a reason to do a little celebrating?? I'll take any reason really! And candles can turn anything simple into a classy and even romantic atmosphere. So no matter if you want these on your romantic table dor two...for a wedding centerpiece or on … [Read more...]

DIY Organic Jar Terrium Tutorial


My grandma's birthday was this past weekend and she loves plants and especially cactus type plants. How much better can this DIY Organic Jar Terrium be.  I totally love how simple it was to do (after a few failures ☺) and how pretty it looks. Not only is this a good gift for a plant lover but for anyone really. It makes a good house warming, … [Read more...]